October 15, 2012

Special needs parent's are warriors.

This is from me-the mother of a beautiful son who has autism...and it's to all the parent's out there who have a child who requires a bit more-or almost everything.

It's also to myself.

Being a parent is the biggest,most incredible thing you will ever do.
It's also one of the most challenging things you'll ever do.

And,if you're like me and are the parent of a special needs child,you understand that sometimes it's down right H.A.R.D.

From the looks in the store,the unsolicited opinions from well meaning family members-or the complete lack of acknowledgement that you are even struggling.

From the interrupted sleep,the isolation due to leaving the house sometimes seeming like a living hell-even staying home can seem like a living hell at times.

It's hard not to wish you had a typical life.

A typical child whom you can relate to and spend time with like a typical family.
A typical ability to leave the house to go typical places.

Typical.......the more I look at that word,the sillier it looks.

While I think typical is simpler,I also think it lacks a lot.

I have heard people say "I'm glad it's you and not me" OR "I don't think I could handle a special needs child"

They think it's too hard.......and they are so right-it IS HARD.

It's so hard it sometimes sucks the breath right out of you.

You're so tired you can't even cry.
You want to defend your love for your child,but at the same time you want to scream how alone you feel.

But the saying "What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger" is dead on.
It might nearly kill you-or so it can feel-and being a typical family is all you will long for...because frankly,it IS simpler.

But you know what?

Simpler doesn't mean stronger in ANYTHING you do.

Bench pressing 40lbs will always be simpler than benching 100lbs.....but the more weight you add the stronger you will be.

Simpler also doesn't create the character growth that a special needs parent experiences.
Parent's of special kids have more compassion and show a greater amount of sympathy towards others than anyone I know.

They are more grateful for outside help....trust me,when you feel like you're bench pressing 489lbs,it's great to have a spotter-and I mean GREAT.
A night of quiet thanks to someone watching your child(ren) is like 400 of those pounds being taken off mid-press-you can breathe again!

Special needs parents are warriors-
In translation 'Warrior' can mean "a person who shows courage".

It takes courage.

So what I want to leave you with is that YOU my friend have COURAGE.
You are not just a special needs parent.
Not to sound cliche,but you ARE special....it's takes an awesome person to be who you are.

No matter how misunderstood or alone you feel......there are others out here-like myself- who GET IT.

And I think you are awesome because you ARE.


  1. Just cried my eyes out. Thank you.

  2. You are awesome...I have a 4 year old with autism as well...At times it's trying and others it's so much joy...I'm glad someone else feels my ugh too :)

  3. Tears Tears Tears.......thank you for helping break thru the isolation........

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