August 14, 2012

"There is another thing that raises serotonin levels"

I have spent the last week researching antidepressants-well,as much as one can cram into their head in a weeks time.

Currently I am taking Omega-3's,a prenatal vitamin and occasionally some Melatonin.
Many people have suggested some other natural options-some I've tried and others I'd never heard of before.

I have been so worked up about whether or not to go the 'drug' route-and once I started researching some of the more popular medications,I became aware that these drugs can be dangerous!

But seizures,severe allergic reactions,hallucinations,migraines,insomnia,decreased libido,dizziness,nausea,weight gain-the list goes on and on!
And they can make things worse too-suicidal thoughts,panic attacks.

Maybe some people need them....and I'm not saying I'm 100% against them.

Shoot,with the way I have been feeling for nearly two years,I would love to have a magic pill that would just make me 'normal' again.

However,considering that the past week hasn't been so bad,I'm not in a big hurry to open myself up to a pill bottle.
Not quite yet.

I went to a health food store and looked over some of the supplements I'd written down.

Wow,some of them are pretty expensive.....I bought a package of Hylands Calm.

Then,after a large ice cream from across the street (shhh,I made it part of my treatment plan....) I headed for my therapy session.

"How have you been?" she asked.

"You know,this week hasn't been so bad-at least not outwardly....I still feel like inwardly I am struggling"

She asked me to be specific on what I meant.

"The kids weren't fighting quite as much.....hubby and I didn't fight everyday" I explained.

I continued "I am just so tired and I'm completely unmotivated".

"It sounds to me like you are chronically sleep deprived"

I nodded "But even when I take melatonin,I have a hard time shutting my mind off at night"

She explained that my serotonin levels are probably so low,that it's difficult to get good sleep and causes anxiety as well.

"You know,there is one thing that raises serotonin levels...."

Now,let me make sure I am absolutely clear about something :
If it weren't for the sake of raising awareness about postpartum depression,I wouldn't even be talking about if you are concerned of altering who you consider me to be,than read no further.

Decided to risk it by sticking around eh?
I always knew you liked to live dangerously........

I was curious.....What could this 'thing' be?

Was it something I had read about;how much would it cost?
I didn't want to get my hopes up because it might be something currently unattainable.


I blinked.

She continued "Orgasms make the serotonin levels 'jump' and it can really impact how you feel"

I stared-a blank look on my face "OK......?"

"I'm serious" she said

So,there you have it.

Low libido is caused by the very thing that 'doing it' can help improve :Low Serotonin.

Who would have thought.......

So,my treatment plan for this week is :
Hylands CALM or Melatonin
Prenatal vitamin
Water-and lots of it.
Light exercise
All the relaxation exercises from two weeks ago.
Not being hard on myself.


And the rest is better left unsaid because I have done ENOUGH blushing today.

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  1. Denee- I thought of you today when I woke up after a good night's sleep and felt "happier" than I have in a while, too. I seriously think much of what you are experiencing boils down to simple biological factors, sleep being one of them. Looks like you found another good one too! It's like going to the gym- you actually "get there" and wonder, why don't I do this more often? I know you can find natural alternatives that are right in line with your thinking. I think you are wise to leave the side-effects aside. Just my advice, from someone who has experienced bouts of "depression" and has found reprieve in other ways! I am rooting for you.