January 27, 2013

The most basic,healthy and tasty potato soup...

I'm not a gourmet cook.
I don't normally prepare foods that have a big list of ingredients-partly because it's a pain and partly because it's rare that I actually HAVE all the ingredients.
I also live by the mantra "Less is more" and it's cheaper......

I love potato soup.

I love to save money.


So,this recipe is so easy I almost feel ridiculous sharing it.

(I must add that I don't generally follow recipes necessarily and I like to just "toss" things together;however I will do my best with sharing how much I used!)

Easy Potato soup
2 pounds of potatoes,peeled and diced.
3 large carrots,sliced thin.
1-2 large stalks of celery,cut into small pieces.
1 large onion,diced small.
Salt to taste.

I cook all of the vegetables in a generous amount of water (I like a lot of broth) until softened.

Sometimes I add some saltine crackers for added flavor,but I also like the soup plain.

When I make soup,I normally bake some homemade bread or biscuits.
You can find my favorite bread recipe HERE


  1. Sounds yummy! I may pick up a bag of potatoes on my way home and set this up in my crock pot for tomorrow's dinner before Bible study! Probably have a pot tonight too! This looks like a good lo-cal solution for us~~ Thank You!!

    1. Thank you for stopping by!
      I always see these yummy recipes that contain 6-10 ingredients and as much as I'd love to venture into the more complex cooking,all I can think is "I don't have time for that!" lol
      I love getting comments!