September 13, 2013

What I used for my Freebirth

Our birth was fairly basic-I had more than I needed and could have used less than I did.
However,I thought it would be nice for other FreeBirthing women to see what I used.
*Note: You can see my full birth kit HERE

I used:

{My birth pool-La Bassine from $170 including liner and cover (didn't use cover) saving for future births

{Birth pool liner-included with birth pool
{25 foot water hose-$13 RV/drinking safe from Kmart,saving for future births
{Battery operated submersible pump-$35 from Lowes.It was handy,but not necessary.
{Plastic shower curtain-$2,leftover from my previous homebirth,for under the birth pool to protect floor.
Drop cloth-$3,used for outside the birth pool,by the bed.Can be found in paint section of stores.
Chux pads-Came with birth kit,can be bought for under $10.Several left over from previous birth.
Paper towel-$1.50.I think we used two sheets off of it.
Towels-Already had.Used about 4 total.
Heating pad-Already had.Used for warming up baby blankets/towel.
Baby blankets-Already had.
Plastic/disposable bed cover-Came with birth kit.Could use a drop cloth or chux pad instead.
Sterilized scissors-Already had.Sharp kitchen shears,boiled/wiped down with rubbing alcohol.
Braided embroidery string-$1.50 It was a special thing to braid this for tying the cord.
Peri bottle-Came with birth kit,but a cheap squirt bottle would be maybe $1 at Walmart.
Postpartum pads-($8) Used the leftover ones from my last homebirth.
Diapers-You'd need these anyway.I used disposables for the first two days,then switched to cloth.
Cup for water-I drank a TON of water.I actually had TWO cups next to the birth pool.
Fish scale and handmade sling- Fish scale ($4). Materials for the sling were receiving blankets from my older babies ($0) and some hardware pieces ($2)

*I also used my exercise/birth ball for a good part of my labor($12-15)
*I also had my birth remedy kit from Reignbow birth-and although I didn't use it-and doubted I would need it-it was nice to have.

So,what do I think is *NICE* to have for a Freebirth?
Well,the list above worked nicely for me.

What do I think is *ESSENTIAL* to have for a Freebirth?
Your body,your baby,respect and support from those around you.....and maybe some towels.

Birth is and can be so basic.

But the important thing is to know your options and have the things on hand that you feel will suite your needs.