December 20, 2013

It's Just What We Do...And We Were Wrong.

My heart is heavy.My heart is often heavy.

I came to learn about the myths of circumcision far too late for my four sons,too late to protect them from the insanity.Too late to know better in time to keep them perfectly whole.

I write now.I write from the heart.

I write as the guilt washes over my body.I get chills in my arms and legs.
My nose starts to burn.
I can't see the words very well that I am frantically tapping out on my keyboard.
Big tears fall down my cheeks.My mascara is starting to moisten from the sadness falling from my eyes and my eyelashes are clumping together.
My fingers are frustrated,the words aren't coming together fast enough,profoundly enough.

My chest feels tight.So much weight.
I sigh out my feelings,my breath is trembling.Yes.It's trembling.

I am thinking back to the day in that hallway.
I ignored my basic instinct to rip my baby out of that room.

His screams.I still hear them.

How could I stand there and not go to him?!
It didn't feel right,but I didn't act.

I chose instead to stare out a window,tears streaming down my face.

Oh why!!!

I should have gone to him!He had been born so perfect!

He wasn't the first that had been sent behind doors....The lies were told to me before.And I believed them.

"Oh,he won't remember a thing" they assured me.

Does lack of memory relieve trauma to the soul?To the heart?To the mind?

"It's better to do it now while they are so little" they said.

NO! They can't say that they want their whole body!

"It's cleaner and more attractive" they said.

Leave it and teach him to care for his body!God made him this way.PERFECT,just the way he is!

"He won't suffer from infections like the intact ones" they said.

Leave him! We can prevent and treat just as we do with other parts of the body!

"It doesn't hurt now like it would when he's older" they said.

NO!!! He can't tell you that it hurts or to stop! He feels it! NO!!

Why,oh why did this voice of reason not come to me sooner?

Why didn't someone tap me on the shoulder and tell me "NO!!"

I should have known.I made a mistake.
I am SO sorry!!!So,so very sorry.

I had no valid reason for doing it.

I merely did it because "It's just what we do"


God made my sons perfect and I made an awful choice.
There is so much more information available.It's not taboo to talk about it.
Our children deserve it.They deserve to have us learn to do better.

Circumcision is devastatingly harmful and it can't be undone.
It is inhumane.
It is unethical.

It is painful.
It is permanent.


Please don't cut your baby boy.He will live with the damage done forever.
And eventually (having read this far) if you DO decide to cut your baby boy,YOU will also live with the regret AND the guilt.
And you can't undo it.

There is NO do-over.

I am begging you,mother to mother,parent to parent:

Keep your baby perfect.Afford him that right-that basic human right-to his whole body.

At this point you have no excuse:Someone has TAPPED YOU on the shoulder.