March 12, 2012

That's The Most Ginormous Diaper Bag EVER!

My Diaper Bag had HAD it.

So much for Jeep slogans:

  "The Sun Never Sets On The Mighty Jeep"
  "The toughest 4 letter word on wheels"

ok,they can have that last one since it's not on wheels......


My Jeep brand diaper bag was falling apart inside and out-and I suppose I'm really lucky it lasted as long as it did for being a $30 bag from Walmart.
Unfortunately,not only did they not carry this bag anymore,it wouldn't have mattered because I wasn't really happy with it.
It wasn't roomy enough-even though it was large in comparison to most diaper bags-for my needs.
I needed something large and spacious for cloth diapering-especially having three children in cloth diapers!
It also had ZERO pockets on the inside of the bag....This might not matter to some moms,but I am a really organized person and I like having things at least somewhat in their place.
I was stumped when I started shopping for a new astonished at how there were NO diaper bags large enough to suit our needs!
I shopped at nearly every store in town,many online stores and found nothing.

Some moms in the cloth diapering community suggested the Ju Ju Be Be Prepared diaper bag....I was a bit skeptical on the price-okay a LOT skeptical.
But then I considered all the reviews,the fact it does have a warranty,the fact that I will be using a diaper bag for at least the next 6-7 years (given that we have another baby).
I also considered how many diaper bags I have purchased in the last 8 years since having my first baby...I've gone through 7 bags!

After watching review videos and talking to hubby,I made the leap.
I am now the oh-so-proud owner of the Ju Ju Be Be-Prepared diaper bag.
It was an investment-I mean some people spend that much money just going out to dinner every month or so.
Considering the warranty,I can't call it a bad decision for me......but that's me!

'Evening Vines' print

A little sparkle on each zipper

It's a very big bag!

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