March 08, 2012

What's in my closet?

Welcome to our Family Closet

Off to the left are my things hanging and the dresser underneath
is the two little boys pajamas,socks and summer clothes.
You can also see my laundry area through the doorway.

The wall on straight ahead: on the left is my 7 yr olds clothes,
his shirts are hanging along with some nice pants and hoodies.
Underneath in the dresser are his and Jeremiahs pjs,socks,undies
and of course summer clothes!
Also,hubby's jeans,work uniforms and nice shirts are hanging
in the middle,and under his clothes are the three little boys
hanging shirts and hoodies.their pants are folded above their shirts.

There is an additional hanging bar above the two tall dressers,
it's not being used for much currently.
The two dressers are mine and hubby's 'other' clothes and misc.
On the far right is the 'misc' and coat hanging area.I store the
extra coats and jackets there and on the shelf above I have
extra diaper bags and totes with winter wear (gloves/hats etc).

Another view
We used the Rubbermaid closet kits...but I recommend buying the
parts you actually need in separate pieces...we ended up with a
lot of stuff we can't use in this area or don't need.

And my laundry area!
I have a different washer now than in this picture...
I love having lots of baskets!
I keep extra hangers in the bar next to the cabinets and I have
a useful folding table!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I am so jealous! I wish we had room for a family closet. That is something I have always wanted. We even toyed with the idea of turning the downstairs bathroom into one, but that bathroom will be too valuable with teenagers in the house. :)